Welcome to A Black Lit(erature) Blog!

I’m Bryan, a Nigerian-American working/living in Texas.

I’ve been a reader for almost my entire life (despite losing consistency during my high school and college years). I realized at one point that Black literature had not been a significant part of my reading experience growing up. Once I immersed myself in the works of Black authors, journalists, poets, etc., my love of literature felt renewed.

I figured I would create this Black Lit Blog to catalog and discuss the different works of Black writers (not just in the U.S, but across the world) that I interact with, as well as the major themes, ideas and lessons those writers present that resonate with me the most. And although I share my overall thoughts on what I read, I’m not here to critique writers so much as I’m reading to gain insight and enjoy the experience. I hope you’ll stick around!


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