The Movement For Black Lives: Resources and Ways to Support (brought to you by other Black bloggers)

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2020 has been rough, the past couple of weeks even more so for me, other black Americans and black people around the world, who have had the displeasure of witnessing so much racist violence and death occur in rapid succession in a brief period of time. It’s been an especially traumatizing and discouraging time.

Instead of coming up with another reading list or another set of resources, especially now that some time has passed, I figured I would link to a few Black bloggers I follow who have done the good work of compiling lists of donation links, educational resources, and different ways of supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement right now.

African Book Addict! has an extensive list of memorial funds, petitions, and social justice organizations with links to donate to those causes, as well as a reading list for those who want to challenge their preconceived notions about America, educate themselves on racial issues, etc. (I actually have a couple of the books on this particular list, and I hope to have read and reviewed at least one of them at some point within the coming months.)

The Black Book Blog has compiled a similar list of books for those looking to learn more about racial inequality, as well as challenge racist ideas and white supremacy in their own circles.

Eva’s blog My Reality has a post challenging new allies to not just post solidarity on social media but take actual action, as well as provides more links to organizations that are tackling racism and inequality.

Rachelle over at Rae’s Reads and Reviews has a list of 9 ways that anyone, Black and non-Black people alike, can support Black lives right now, including support for the work of Black businesses, musicians, and creatives.

As for me, I have and will continue to use this platform to support the works of Black writers and the issues they grapple with through their work.

Read up, educate yourselves, challenge your preconceived notions about America/the world, combat racism within yourself/in your circle of friends and family, and find real, tangible ways to support the lives of Black people.


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